This amazing reentry fireworks was observed from the International Space Station on 2 November at 12:04 GMT. We can see European Space Agency’s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle, Albert Einstein, disintegrating and burning up in the atmosphere over an uninhabited area of the Pacific Ocean, in the most spectacular way, after it left the International Space Station a week earlier with 1.6 tonnes of waste.

ATV Albert Einstein delivered 7 tonnes of supplies, propellant and experiments to the Space Station. ATV-4 spent five months attached to the ISS and performed two reboosts for the space station as well.

These images were taken when Albert Einstein was around 100 km directly below the ISS and had began its destructive dive. It is the first view of an ATV reentry since the first, of Jules Verne, in 2008.

All images by ESA/NASA, top gif by Attila Nagy