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Multiverse Hopes You Remember the Sci-Fi Concept Is So Hot Right Now

Multiverse, from Saban Films and director Gaurav Seth, follows 4 friends who encounter alternate universe versions of themselves. io9 has the new trailer.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Multiverse's Paloma Kwiatkowski stands against a reflective door which has her opposite image on it.
Paloma Kwiatkowski with a little duality foreshadowing in Multiverse.
Image: Saban Films

The only thing scarier than a friend returning from the grave is if they bring you with them. That’s what happens in Multiverse, a new movie from Saban Films. Previously titled Entangled, the new name seems to be banking on fans already excited by Loki, What If, and Spider-Man: No Way Home and their multiverse storylines. But the trailer, debuting exclusively on io9 today, does look very intriguing.

Directed by Gaurav Seth from a screenplay by Doug Taylor, Multiverse follows four friends played by Paloma Kwiatkowski (Bates Motel), Munro Chambers, Robert Naylor, and Sandra Mae Frank. All of them study quantum physics, and they’re on the verge of a major breakthrough when one of them dies in a car accident. All their work feels for naught until that friend comes back. Oh, and alternate versions of everyone else start appearing too. The film also co-stars Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, and you can watch the debut of the new trailer below.

If you get more Primer vibes than Spider-Man from that trailer, you aren’t wrong. Entangled feels a bit more appropriate as a title, albeit it far less marketable in 2021. Nevertheless, a movie like this seems like a great place to explore what it means for alternate dimensions to cross over, and the very ripe, terrifying notion of meeting a version of yourself. Could you co-exist? Would you want to co-exist? Here, it seems like no love will be lost and lots of people will be murdered.


Multiverse, appropriately, has a multi-prong release. First, it’ll be released in select theaters on November 12. Next, it’ll hit on-demand and digital on November 16. Then, if you can wait a few months, the DVD and Blu-ray releases have already been scheduled for January 11, 2022. Or, if you exist in multiple universes, maybe you can try and watch them all at once. Don’t forget to check out io9's Fall Movie Preview for more exciting genre titles on the way in 2021.

The poster for the new movie Multiverse
The art for Multiverse.
Image: Saban Films

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