What's Your Worst Holiday Travel Horror Story?

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We all have one of those holiday travel stories. That time you got to the airport and realized you forgot to click the buy button on the ticketing site. That time you stepped onto the train platform and the zipper on your suitcase broke sending all of your sweaters onto the tracks. That time you got on a bus and your carsick neighbor barfed on his shoes.


Life is just a John Candy movie waiting to happen.

Tell us your worst ones. The week of Thanksgiving inevitably reminds us of all our infrastructure woes and transportation shortcomings. It also reminds us that we're all in this together. So come on. Let's get cathartic.


Tom Ricket

Not quite a horror story, but ... a decade ago, we were flying Delta from New Jersey to Georgia. It was mildly rainy, and we were sitting on the runway for several hours (no water provided, since we were on a 'live runway', argh).

What really made us laugh (or cry), though, was an exchange that went:
Attendant: It's not just us. Nobody is taking off right now!
<Outside the window, a Northwest plane takes off.>
Us: That Northwest plane just took off.
Attendant: No it didn't!
<Outside the window, an American plane takes off.>
Us: Uh, now an American plane took off.
Attendant: No it didn't! No planes are taking off!
Us: We are right here. We can see them. You can see them, too.
Attendant: No I can't! No plane is taking off!

This continued for maybe 15 minutes, until the whole plane was pretty much cracking up. On the plus side, it prepared me for dealing with toddlers, years later! :)