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NASA Mission Posters Are Hilariously Painful

Illustration for article titled NASA Mission Posters Are Hilariously Painful

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I'm speechless. I love NASA. I love astronauts. They're true heroes, risking their lives in the name of science and progress. But why did they make these posters? WHY? They defy any description, they're pure gold: Updated


I'm not joking. These posters are not part of any of our Photoshop contests. They are not made by the Onion. They are made by someone at NASA. They are 100% real. Jesusrollerbladinginaspandexsuitchrist.


Who's the marketing genius who had the idea for these posters? WHO? Please contact me, because I want to get you in bed to love you long time and have your babies.

Update: Amy Gish, one of the authors of the posters, wrote to tell us more about it.

Hi and glad you liked the posters!

I recently left the Johnson Space Center graphics department (relocated out of TX), but while I worked there crew posters were part of the job. I created the STS-119 and Expedition 23 posters. The bulk of the graphics department at JSC are actually contractors and we get the requests from either NASA or other contractors to create the different pieces. All the crew posters are requested by Space Flight Awareness (SFA) so can be found on their site.

For years the crew posters had much more of a traditional/standard look. A few years ago our lead in the department made a mock Matrix movie poster for one of the crews and people loved it. So from then on out we started to get a bit more freedom in desiging the posters. Most crews actually really enjoy having fun with it - I think it's probably a nice break for them from all the very serious training they are doing for the mission.

I was really excited to see our work on your site - thank you for posting!


[NASA - Thanks Gonzalo Oxenford!]


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Stewart Ritchie

so, why does the guy in the STS 130 poster have a guitar?