Nathan Fillion Is Totally Fine With Just One Season of Firefly

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Firefly fan that hasn’t vocally wished there were more episodes of Captain Mal and his goddamned heroes trekking about the ‘verse than the show’s sole, abbreviated season. But at this point, even Nathan Fillion has entered the “acceptance” stage of the five stages of grief.

Speaking at a panel with the rest of the show’s cast at Long Beach Comic-Con this past weekend, when asked about why there isn’t more of the series, Fillion said that while the job was a dream role for him, at this point he’s ready to accept that there won’t be any more Firefly coming:

It’s really hard to look at that kind of stuff and say, ‘Give me more, because it’s not enough.’ Oh my God. It was everything. It was everything. How can everything not be enough?


Which makes sense, after he’s spent the past 13 years fielding the same question about the show’s fate. Of course Fillion would prefer to preserve the memory of the time he spent on the show, instead of being perpetually stuck hoping that there’ll be more, one day.

That said, even all this time later, it’s still nice to dream every once in a while.