New Intel Core i7 Quad Mobile and i5 Mobile Processors Spied In HP Service Manual

Some leaks happen in secret, on the phone or behind closed doors. Others, like this little HP one today, happen in service manuals. What we know: As the headline implies new Core i5 and Core i7 mobile processors are coming.

Intel Core i7 840QM Quad-core processor
Intel Core i7 740QM Quad-core processor
Intel Core i5 450M dual core processor
Intel Core i7 940XM Quad-core Extreme processor
New Intel Core i5 500M series processors (i5 530M and i5 550M)


The last two in the list are "implied" processors, as of yet unconfirmed, that HPFansite believes will also arrive alongside the first three. Coming to an HP Envy in your neighborhood soon. [HPFansite]


Yay! More processors that won't fit into a 13" MacBook. I hope Apple finds a solution for this problem soon...