New Jailbroken iPhone Worm Wants Your Bank Details

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Unlike that rickrolling bit of fun, this new worm maliciously targets Dutch ING customers who login via their Jailbroken iPhone. And while it's isolated to the Netherlands right now, it's yet another warning for Jailbreakers to take simple preventative measures.


It only affects those who have installed SSH and not changed the default password. To fix: go into Cydia install the MobileTerminal app, and use the passwd command to change the default from "alpine", to something a little more secure. [Sophos and BBC]

This worm attacks IP ranges from a larger range of ISPs, including UPC (Netherlands), Optus (Australia), and T-Mobile (Many). When an infected device is hooked up to a WiFi connection, the worm can spread more quickly to more IP addresses than on a typical 3G connection. One symptom noted by is that battery life is very, very short when the device is connected to WiFi, because the worm is generating so much network activity


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