There are dumb people in every country, and there are those in New Zealand and Germany and Australia, among countless others, who think the pandemic is a hoax involving 5G and Bill Gates in an attempt to vaccinate people against their will. But the New Zealand example shows that you don’t need to rely on the goodwill of individuals to do the right thing if you have real leadership at the top levels of government. All of those governments instituted a proper lockdown, scaled-up testing, and employed public health officials to set up a vast network of contact tracing.


Otherwise “reasonable” people often want to blame the coronavirus surge in the U.S. on idiots who are out in public refusing to wear a mask or otherwise acting irresponsibly. And while those people should certainly be shamed into wearing a mask, you can’t control a pandemic by putting the responsibility solely on individuals. There needs to be a coordinated response from the government, and when those leaders fail, as New Zealand Health Minister did, those people need to get pushed out.

Take a cue from New Zealand, President Trump. Resign and let the experts take the lead so that Americans can finally get out of this pandemic.