The gunman explained that he targeted New Zealand because Muslims feel safe there and explicitly mentioned President Donald Trump, who he called “a symbol of renewed white identity.” President Trump denied being an inspiration for the shooter, despite all evidence to the contrary. Trump has previously called for a ban on all Muslims coming into the United States and the gunman uttered rhetoric that is identical to the garbage spewed on Fox News.


To combat the narrative that the gunman was inspired by President Trump, Kellyanne Conway told viewers on Fox News to read the shooter’s 70-page manifesto, a baffling and disturbing suggestion. Fox News, of course, helped elect President Trump and is one of the primary reasons that he’s still able to cling to power.

New Zealand is expected to ban semi-automatic weapons in the coming weeks, something that the United States has failed to do in the wake of its own massacres, which happen with some regularity. Ardern promised during her speech that “our gun laws will change.”


“On Friday it will be a week since the attack. Members of the Muslim community will gather for worship on that day. Let us acknowledge their grief as they do,” Ardern said in her speech.

“Let’s support them as they gather again for worship. We are one, they are us. Tatau tatau, Al salam Alaikum, Weh Rahmat Allah, Weh Barakaatuh.”