Nike's New Baseball Glove Comes Already Broken In

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Nike's new Vapor 360 fielding glove is specially designed to be used "straight out of the box," according to Nike. Forget stashing it under your mattress for weeks until the leather loosens up—this glove is broken in from day one.

The key to the Vapor 36o's ready-to-play design is the perforated leather on the palm, which gives the glove the responsive action of a worn mitt, without sacrificing the structure and protection of a solid hunk of hide. Additionally, the glove is 20 percent lighter than others because it incorporates synthetics, with jargon-y Nike names like "Hyperfuse," along with traditional leather construction.


I fondly remember the ritual of breaking in my glove with oil and rubber bands when I bought them back in the day, but I admit that I'd gladly give it up for a glove I could go buy on my way to the game.


The new glove will be worn by the Colorado Rockies' Carlos Gonzales at tonight's MLB All-Star Game, and available to you for the holiday season. Price is TBA, but given its advanced design, expect something pricier than average. [Nike via Engadget]