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No Budget Indie Film Has Grossed $200K in iTunes Sales

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here's a story that everyone will love, except Hollywood. An Indie film, made with absolutely no money and a DSLR camera, has grossed over $200,000 and climbed into iTunes Top 100 Movies.

The movie, For Lovers Only, is a romance flick produced by brothers Mark and Michael Polish. The pair used a Canon 5D and existing computer equipment to record and edit the film. The movie took 12 days to shoot and starred Mark Polish as the male lead playing opposite actress, Stana Katic.


Not a single dime was spent on filming or producing the movie. The brothers' only expense was hotels, food and taxis which they would have incurred had they been on vacation instead of shooting a film.

The movie climbed as high as #43 in iTunes Top 100 Movie chart and has grossed over $200,000 in profits. There was no expensive marketing budget, either. Most sales were generated by word of mouth or circulation on social networks. [The Wrap via PetaPixel]


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