Gadget Torture Porn: Watch iFixit Tear Apart a Virgin iPad Mini

A day after Halloween, the gadget dissectors over at iFixit have gotten their hands on an iPad mini. Downloading apps? Watching videos? Please. That’s for fuzzy bunny amateurs. These guys are doing what they always do: going Hostel on some gear. Follow along!


We haven’t quite gotten to the money shot yet (we’ll update when they get there) but iFixit’s surgeons seem pretty far along already; they’ve breached the display, unearthed the (stereo, confirmed) speakers, and are now heading towards the A5 processor brains. So far, unsurprisingly, it looks to be not much more repairable than the big boy iPad. Which is to say, hardly at all.

You can follow along with the rest of the process here, and we’ll update if those devils find anything surprising in the gutsy mists. [iFixit]


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