No Longer Shall Bloggers Sit Cross-Legged in the Field

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Thanko's laptop bag/desk hybrid should be very popular with photographers and bloggers. Not only does the bag come with extendable legs, but two fans are located inside for cooling laptops down—plus a cupholder's added too, for good measure.


If there's one thing I wish Thanko had added, it's an external battery for laptops. Though I suppose if MacBook owners hurried they could grab one of HyperMac's external batteries before they're legally obligated to cease selling the cables by midnight tonight.


The bag weighs 2.7kg and also has various pockets and padding to protect laptops, as well as those aluminum legs which can lengthen to two different heights. It's on sale now for the equivalent of $75. [Thanko via Akihabara News]

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If it's TSA friendly, it would be the perfect traveler's bag.

Doesn't look like it, though. Too bad.