The recent natural disasters in Japan have left the country focused on being as prepared as possible for the next event. And that even includes ensuring man's best friends have everything they need to survive an emergency situation, including this elaborate coat that protects dogs from fire, freezing temperatures, and even falling debris.

Reflective fire-retardent fabric ensures leaping flames and falling sparks stay off your dog's body and fur. And the material also works as an effective insulator should you and your dog need to escape outside on a frigid night. For larger debris, your dog's head and neck are protected by a half-inch of shock absorbing foam which extends over their eyes as well.


A series of elastic straps and velcro fasteners ensure this $200 disaster-proof coat doesn't accidentally fall off, but it also means your dog will need your help putting it on. In Japan, where early warning systems provide ample notice to prepare for the worst, that's not a problem. But in the event of something like a house fire, you'll probably just want to get your pup outside as soon as possible. [ via Newlaunches]