How Days Of Future Past Pulled Off Those Amazing Quicksilver VFX

One of the coolest special effects in X-Men: Days of Future Past was the Quicksilver "frozen time" effect where the character is moving so quickly that everything around him seems to move in super slow-motion. In this video, director Bryan Singer explains how they achieved the effect.


Unfortunately, this video doesn't go into quite as much detail as it could, but it is neat to see the rig that Quicksilver actor Evan Peters wore during filming. And hopefully this is just a taste of the behind-the-scenes footage we'll get to see once the DVD and Blu-ray come out on October 14th.

[via /Film]



This was my absolute favorite part of the movie! I loved Evan Peters' Quicksilver — to the point where I'm actually kind of bummed that he's not repeating the role for Avengers (I know, I know— studios and such....). But how awesome would it be to see more of Even Peters as Quicksilver???