Not Even Hillary Clinton's Secret Email Address Can Escape LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s email spam is notoriously impossible to escape: even if you’re a US Secretary of State using a secret email server, LinkedIn will hunt you down and endorse you to death.

A new wave of Clinton’s emails has just been released. Among the usual correspondence about matters of national and political importance, we have a befuddled Hillary trying to get her head around LinkedIn.


Clinton was sent an invitation to connect by Susan Kennedy, presumably the same Susan Kennedy who served as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chief of Staff during his time as the Governor of California. You can view her scrupulously thorough LinkedIn profile for yourself.

Not quite understanding the concept, Clinton wrote “how does this work” in a message to two of her aides, who subsequently tried to explain grown adults endorsing each other for skills and sending InMails™.

In any case, Clinton seems to have got the hang of it: she’s currently sporting an LinkedIn Influencer profile with over 100,000 followers—although no comment on whether she’s managed to turn off the email notifications yet.


[Business Insider]

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