If you make it to the top of La Rhune, a 3,000-foot-tall mountain in the Pyrenees between France and Spain, you can look up and out to the natural panorama: peaks and valleys stretching unobstructed into the distance. Or you could look down to the playful Panorama: an eight-hole goofy golf course at your feet.

The incongruous creative installation is part of a larger celebration surrounding the 90th anniversary of the vintage train that gets visitors up the Basque-land slope in a quick 35 minutes—and consequently also lugged the oversized letters up to the summit. Designers Gangpol & Mit put the whole thing together back in February when there was snow on the ground and the weather wasn't quite right for a jolly round of putt-putt.

Check out this great little vid of the production process:

Now that things have thawed, it's got to be one of the most scenic places in the world to practice your short game.

Apparently there are lots of local art exhibitions and events to go along with the almost-centennial—which sounds awesome—but if you want to plan a trip you should get going; the whole thing, train and all, will shut down on November 11th when winter rolls around. [designboom]