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Nothing says summer more than this giant Slip 'n Slide on a city street

Now this is how you enjoy summer. You go to San Francisco, you lay out blue tarp on a city street, you bust open a fire hydrant and you create one of the biggest Slip 'n Slides ever. Oh and you ride that thing down while screaming out of your mind. It's absolutely perfect for a sunny summer day.


Devin Super Tramp, the creator of the video, and his friends sure know how to live. It's an ad for something but I don't care, I just want to slip n slide forever in San Francisco now.

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Now this is how you enjoy summer in California. First, you get a corporate sponsor. Then you spitball some ideas under the umbrella of "potentially viral PR". Then you filter the really offensive ideas. Then you take the idea that are "edgy" and cheap. Then you overproduce them with a bunch of hipster assholes who are just glad they don't have to watch soccer anymore. Then you discover there's a drought. "Drought you say? Then where did all that water come from?" Then you rethink your career but only long enough to catch on to a really promising startup.


Post credits teaser. My dying lawn.