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Zeemote's Bluetooth mobile phone controller for Blackberry is up for grabs today, and should provide a much better gaming experience than fiddling around with a trackball. Iomega has a new line of full-featured NAS units out, too.

• Zeemote's JS1 Wii nunchuk mobile phone game controller that's been bundled with Sony Ericsson phones for a while now is finally available individually. In theory, it should be able to pair with any Bluetooth enabled phone, but for now RIM, Sony Ericsson and Nokia are the only manufacturers to really support the device. Blackberry developers have had access to the SDK since October of 2008 to add Zeemote functionality to their games. As a result, Gameloft's entire catalog of Blackberry games are compatible with the Zeemote, and many more titles are likely to come now that the controller is widely available. You can grab one today from RIM's online store for $39.99. [Mobilecrunch via Crunchgear]


• Iomega has a new NAS out that's aimed at small and home business owners. The ix4-200d comes with four user-replaceable SATA II hard drives in 2, 4 and 8TB capacities. It also comes with a pretty healthy list of features, like selectable RAID 5, RAID 10 or JBOD drive configurations, Time Machine support, and device-to-device replication so the entire contents of the NAS can be easily transfered to another unit. If you're looking to get something for home use, there are less expensive solutions out there, and certainly more fun options in the form of DIY NAS projects. If you just need something that's ready to go out of the box, though, the ix4-200d looks like a solid contender. Starts at $699 for the 2TB, but the maxed-out 8TB will run you a cool $1,900. [Digital Trends]