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Snow Leopard is the big launch story today, but we want to make sure you don't miss the other gadgets up for grabs. Nikon's D300s is making it's way to retail, and Scoshe has a new car speakerphone out.

• The Nikon D300s is slowly starting to trickle into stores. Amazon lists the ship date as August 30th, but reports are coming in that Best Buy is already starting to put Nikon's latest out on display. The D300s is a slightly tweaked version of the D300. Even though the camera features some minor improvements, it showcases some of the same problems users experienced with Nikon's other video capable DSLRs. Early hands-on treatments indicate that the "jelly effect" is still present when recording video, where when the camera pans or shifts solid objects appear to wobble like, as the name would suggest, jelly. If you were hoping the D300s would correct the issue, it looks like you'll just have to wait until Nikon updates their DSLR line again. But if you know you'll never take video, and you're chomping at the bit to get your hands on one of these, you can start hunting for the D300s this weekend. You might have some luck finding it today, but expect wider availability by Sunday. Costs $1,799. [Nikon Rumors via Crunchgear]

• Scoshe's solCHAT is one of those gadgets that falls squarely into the "that makes sense" category. It's a speakerphone that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but the thing I love about it is the solar panel. Your car sits around outside in sunny parking lots all day. Just leave the solCHAT on your dashboard, and come back to find a fully charged battery for your ride home. The solCHAT also has a voice-enabled caller ID and mounts for either your windshield or visor. And don't worry, if you park in a garage, or you're trying to use the solCHAT in Norway during January, there's also an option to charge the unit via it's included USB cable and car adapter. Ships today for $99.99 [PC Mag]