Today's now available features another in-ear headphone release, although the latest stylish cans from V-Moda fit into a much lower price bracket.


V-Moda released another pair of in-ear headphones called the Faze, and the spec sheet certainly makes it sound like they can withstand a beating. With aluminum alloy bodies and Kevlar reinforced cabling, I half expect to be able to use them as a zip-line cord (disclaimer: don't try it, you'll get hurt).

V-Moda didn't sacrifice the Faze's looks in exchange for their supposedly solid construction, either. The cans strongly resemble their fashionable precursor, the Vibe, with shiny silver accents on black metal earpieces. But V-Moda has notoriously had some build issues with several of their headphones in the past, so we'll have to test these ourselves to see how they compare. The headphones feature an in-line mic so you can take calls from your cellphone, and even include a 2.5mm adapter for anyone without a 3.5mm headphone jack on their mobile.

You can grab a pair of Fazes today for $50. [Best Buy via iLounge]


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