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If you're having a Rock Band session this holiday weekend, Madcatz has some new premium accessories shipping to liven up the party. Have a great Labor Day Weekend all!


• If you've ever failed "Green Grass and High Tides" just because your overdrive wouldn't activate, no matter how hard you shook the controller or cursed, Madcatz has a new accessory that could put an end to your woes. The Stomp Box is modeled after an effects pedal and activates your overdrive when you, as the name would suggest, stomp on it. Coincidentally, it unleashes a wave of "I feel awesome" endorphins at the same time.

It would almost be worth grabbing one of these just so that my friends stop complaining that the guitar is broken. I would miss those moments of frantic terror, though, when someone realizes they're about to fail and starts wildly jumping up and down to save themselves during a solo.


Madcatz claims the unit features "durable, long-lasting construction," but I would have to see how it holds up during the chorus of "More Than a Feeling" before I could back that claim. Works with PS3, 360 and Wii Rock Band guitars. Now shipping for $30. [Product Page via OhGizmo!]

• Let's get the worst part out out of the way first: Madcatz's latest Rock Band Guitar costs $300. That said, let's look at what you get with the package. The guitar is built from the same stock that real Fender Stratocasters are, and includes a high-gloss sunburst finish and real metal Fender tuning pegs.

A part of the $300 dollar asking price apparently goes to licensing Microsoft's proprietary wireless controller technology, because the guitar connects to the Xbox 360 sans dongle. Even with all of these fancy features, though, you have to be a pretty serious Rock Band diehard to justify spending $300 on a controller. Shipping to stores now. [Product Page via OhGizmo!]

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