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You can be the first kid on your block to own the world's first web-connected printer today. Dell also released new thin-and-light laptops amidst all of the Nehalem news.


• HP announced that they are shipping the Photosmart Premium today, the world's first web-connected printer. We saw the printer a while ago, and were impressed with it's ability to print images and documents from the web without having to interface with a computer at all. The device presents thumbnails of content from Flickr, Google Maps and other web services for you to browse through, then the printer grabs the full-res image and spits them out on paper.

It seems like it could be a pretty cool idea when combined with the App Studio idea HP is exploring, and hopefully developers can come up with some pretty nifty time saving applications. Whodathunk there'd be a day where even printers have their own apps? It's yours for $399. [Press Release]


• Dell released a thin-and-light addition to their Inspiron lineup today with the 14z and 15z. The "z" denotes that the models feature Intel CULV processors inside, and as a result are thinner and weigh less than their non-z brethren. The size of each falls more in line with the dimensions of the Inspiron 11z Dell released last month, albeit with larger screens. Unlike the 11z, though, the 14z and 15z both feature optical drives.


The addition to the line could be great for anyone looking for a notebook with a larger screen that still gets great battery life, but personally if I'm going to be buying anything with a CULV processor in it I would want it in a more portable form factor. Anyone interested can grab the Inspiron 14z starting at $649, or the 15z starting at $599. [ Crunchgear]

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