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JVC has been showing off some of their more ridiculously thin and expensive display designs today, and their new 3D monitor falls squarely into that same "outrageous" category.


• If you're a reeeeeaaallly early adopter, JVC has a new 46" 3D monitor out that will make sure you're ready for the arrival 3D content... assuming whatever 3D standard the industry eventually decides on is compatible with the set. The set's integrated 3D decoder can handle the current industry standard formats of line-by-line and side-by-side image processing. Whether those are the standards in three years is anyone's guess, though.

The set was originally designed for Hollywood studios, and now is available to home installers. While the 3D may be cool, the set's other characteristics won't exactly reel in the home theater enthusiasts. With specs like a 2,000:1 static contrast ratio, it's not like anyone will be ditching their Kuro for this thing. 3D images still require polarized glasses, too.

That said, JVC claims the display offers "flicker-free 3D images," because both left and right eye information is constantly displayed. While I guess it would be cool to have a 3D set, I don't think it's $9,153 (that's the exact price in the pres release, by the way) cool, especially without any content available. If you need to have a 3D set today, though, they're available now to your local home theater installer. [Press Release via Electronista]

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