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D-Link's Jack of all trades router is out today, along with a Pioneer professional Blu-ray player. It's less pricey than some other high end players, but still way too expensive.


• The D-Link DIR-685 router/media server/digital photo frame is out today. You can check out Jason's review for his full impressions. In essence he found the router to be "very interesting and very promising," but not without fault. His complaints? It's a bit pricey, and the fan can be loud when a 2.5" hard drive is installed (Update: Dlink wrote to tell us that they've toned down the fan noise, so it may not be an issue any more). Still, it's an intriguing package, and the extra cost over a standard router may be worth it for anyone looking to cut down on networked gear clutter. Ships today for $300. [Product Page]


• Pioneer's new professional Blu-ray player might be pricey, but at least it's not missing any crucial features like BD-Live. The BDP-V6000 is labeled as a professional player based on the inclusion of a serial interface that pro home installers can use, and the its ability to decode both PAL and NTSC material.

What I don't understand is how it's taken these "professional" players so long to catch up to standard consumer players in terms of some no-brainer features. If I'm going to drop a grand on a Blu-ray player, it damn well better have BD-Live built in. Luckily, unlike some other stupid expensive players, the BDP-V6000 does. But it's still not enough to get me to pay $1,000 for a Blu-ray player. That's just me, though. If you're so inclined, you can grab one today for, you guessed it, $1,000. [Product Page]


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Chris Harrison

man... thats wayyy to expensive.

i hope it supports wireless n at least