Pony up that cash, it's payday! This is what you should be blowing your kids' college fund on, unless you already blew it on St. Patrick's Day—here's what's Now Available.

Knox Handroid


The internet caught glimpses of this gauntlet last fall and now it's available for motorcycle and cyborg hand enthusiasts worldwide. This kevlar and kangaroo hyde reinforced exoskeleton could be the first line of protection in the event of a crotch rocket accident. In addition to the heavy armor the Handroid features a ratchet system of 19 strands of stainless steel wire to help dissipate heavy impact forces—potentially making the difference between a sprained wrist and a shattered ulna. Granted, this thing shouldn't be the only line of defense you have between asphalt and your body, but it should significantly increase your chances of ending up in an ambulance instead of a hearse. Godspeed, little buddy. [Knox]

Dell G2410H WLED Monitor


Dell's newest 24-incher strives to be the king of economically minded environments. Made with efficiency and minimal power consumption in mind, this decently sized monitor has the familiar and comfortable adjustments you've come to expect from Dell. The ambient light sensor is designed to adjust the screens brightness according to the available light in a room, the less light you use to illuminate your environment, the less power this little beauty needs. If you're looking for something a little beefier then you should check out the infamous 27-inch beauty which uses the same panel as the heralded and chided iMac. At $339 this certainly is a great buy if you're in the market for a new display, although keep in mind HDMI ports are decidedly absent. [Dell]

JVC Everio GZ-HM550BUS


JVC's camcorder lineup may not be as well endowed as Sony's, but we appreciate the focused options and the willingness to introduce Bluetooth standards where others dare to tread. This 1080p capable gem features smartphone remote controls for when you need to place and operate the camera in hard to reach places. The 32GB of internal storage should offer enough space for the several hours portions of 600fps footage you surely plan to shoot. If you need more space there's also the SDHC slot to tack on some more bytes. $800 plus some creativity should lead to some awesome footage. [JVC]