The day has come for people who've always wanted an 18-button mouse or a base station that can charge 4,000 devices to go crazy. There's just never enough buttons and charging ports in this world.

WarMouse Meta


Previously known as the OpenOfficeMouse, the WarMouse Meta is a mouse with, count 'em, 18 programmable buttons. I really have no idea what I'd do with eighteen freaking buttons but maybe I'll re-map half of my keyboard on it. There's also an analog joystick and 5600-CPI laser sensor along with 512k of memory, so others may want to use this for some insane sessions of World of Warcraft or Farmville. But this is the god among mice, the potential is far more ridiculous than just video games. $80 [WarMouse]

Idapt i4:


Need something that can charge over 4,000 gadgets? Of course you do! The iDapt 4 simplifies charging with a sleek base station that charges up to 4 devices at a time. It works with both the iPhone 4 and iPad and really, anything else you throw at it including various "iPods, Blackberrys, Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3 controller, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products". The iDapt 4 has 3 dock ports (with interchangeable tips) and one USB port. Comes in shiny white or shiny black. $60 [iDAPT]

FastMac U-Socket:


It's 2010, every house should be equipped with a FastMac U-Socket. The U-Socket adds two additional USB ports to your power outlets and since damn near everything charges through USB these days, it makes a lot of sense. Not to mention, it'll free up those power outlets that you're using to charge your smartphones for something like, I don't know, a lamp or alarm clock. $20 [FastMac]