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A big graphite Kindle DX. A super fast 4G WiMax Wi-Fi Hotspot. A bamboo laptop. For all the mobile warriors who demand the biggest, fastest and eco-friendliest, your devices are now available.

The just refreshed Kindle DX improves on the old Kindle DX in that it offers 50% better display contrast, which means better text for easier reading. It still has a 9.7-inch E-ink screen so it's still pretty sweet to read books, PDFs, newspapers, gizmodo, and whatever else it is that you read. It comes with free 3G to download books and a neat graphite color but even though it's dropped more than a $100 in price from the previous generation, it's still sort of expensive. A bigger E-ink screen is very much appreciated but at double the cost of the regular Kindle? We're not sure. But hey, it's your money and it's now available. [Amazon]


For those who want those Four Gees, the Clearwire Spot 4G and Spot 4G+ WiMax Wi-Fi Hotspots are here to show you the power. Simply put, it's going to give you blazing speeds if you're in an area where those 4G's can be put to use. The Spot 4G can only get access to WiMax networks while the Spot 4G+ pulls double duty with 4G and 3G, so you'll probably have to spring for the latter. Prices are a little complicated, with plans for the Spot 4G starting at $40 and costing $100 outright or $5/month on a lease. The Spot 4G+ plans start at $55 and costs $225 outright or $6/month on a lease. You got to pay up to enjoy the mobility. [Clear]


It's a bamboo (and aluminum) laptop, so yeah it's pretty damn gnarly. It's not too expensive, with two models floating near $1000 and it's decently powered (Core i5, Nvidia Optimus, etc.) so if you want a laptop that brings you closer to nature and gets things done, this is a great option. You can argue amongst yourselves whether it looks good or not but dude, it's a freaking bamboo laptop. [Best Buy]

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