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Several handy hand-held devices have become available for your purchasing pleasure. The Nykos Wand Wii remote, the Zoom H1 recorder, and the ErgoMotion mouse will all fit snugly in your palm to satisfy your various gadgetry needs.

Nykos Wand:


Looking for a Wii-mote that's a little more advanced? Nyko Technologies' wireless Wand+ is ergonomically designed for right-handed folks or lefties, and supports Full Motion Technology, which provides 1:1 movement tracking compatible with all Motion Plus games. The Wand+ is now available in grey, black, or white/black at major North American retailers like Gamestop and K-Mart, and online at Amazon, for $39.99. [VerticalWire]

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder:

Zoom's smallest, most affordable recorder to date—priced at $99—is now available at select US retailers. The popsicle-shaped H1 Handy Recorder has an X/Y audio configuration that can deliver 24-bit/96 kHz stereo recordings of whatever you can think of: your band's jam session, a long Physics lecture, your stunning singing voice. [Samson Tech]


ErgoMotion Mouse:


It sounds like the SmartFish ErgoMotion mouse is a relief for hands that are constantly mouse-clicking. It looks a bit like a mouse bobble-head, but it's designed to "intuitively" adapt to your hand position. The ErgoMotion mouse is the first laser mouse with a patented swivel mechanism. Compatible with Mac or PC, it will run you $49.99 from the SmartFish website. [SmartFish]

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