Like some kind of six-months-delayed springtime thaw, or an ominous but perplexing metaphor for global warming, summer's trickle of new gadgets has turned into a gushing waterfall. But don't tread those swift waters alone. Let us be your earthy, outdoorsy guide.

Kindle Fire HDX: This thing does everything a tablet should do, with fast reactions, great speakers, and a stunner of a screen. And that smooth user interface and powerful guts means it'll run any app you throw at it. We think it's the best tablet out there, though the competition is mounting. [Starts at $230]

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro: This update to last year's stellar convertible bring a super high resolution screen, a slimmed and tapered profile, and about a half a pound of weight loss. It really is fantastic, and if you don't buy into the notion that laptops are dying, you can pick one up today. [Starts at $1,050]

Sony Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Smartwatch 2: Sony brought three new gizmos to market this week! One's a beefy aluminum smartphone with a blazing brain and a serious camera that won't die after a dunk in the pool. One's a 6.4 inch tablet you talk into. And one's a smartwatch. You know how we feel about smartwatches. [$650, $680, $200, respectively]

Ricoh Theta: This weird little wand takes some super trippy 360-degree pictures. And, uh, that's pretty much it. It's tons of fun, but whether that specific brand of fun is worth $400 is a choice you can only make for yourself. [Amazon]

Windows 8.1: Yesterday was Windows day, remember? The new update expands Metro, adds a start button, and pretty much does all the revolutionary stuff Windows 8 promised, better. Yes, we told you there was a preorder last week. Now it's here for real — and for free, if you're already running Windows 8. [$120, 200 for Pro]

Sonos Play:1: Yes, this accidentally showed up last week. Now it's here for real. It's a nice small unit for a bookshelf, but perhaps not quite powerful enough to fill a living room. It's also a great way to get into (or add on to) the Sonos ecosystem, and its build quality is phenomenal. [$200]