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The Motorola CLIQ smartphone, which we thought was a step in the right direction, is available at T-Mobile stores today. Also shipping is the XM SkyDock which allows drivers to control XM satellite radio with their iPhone or iPod Touch.


The Motorola CLIQ, a new Android smartphone from Motorola with a bevy of social networking features, is now shipping. The phone is the first to employ Motoblur, a software integrating various social networking and communication functions for ease of use. We reviewed the CLIQ a few weeks ago and thought it had much promise, despite some issues with a sluggish processor. The phone is available through T-Mobile for $199.99 after discount. [T-Mobile]

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Also available today is the SkyDock from XM, the first device to let drivers control satellite radio with their iPhone or iPod Touch. Though it didn't knock our socks off when we tried it, the SkyDock does deliver on its promise and is currently the only way to tap into XM radio in the car via the iPhone. Available from the Apple Store, Best Buy, Radio Shack and other retailers for $120, the SkyDock is powered by the car's DC plug and allows listeners to tag songs on XM for later purchase through the iTunes music store. But of course. [XM]


We've been here before... face to face with the Cliq; I'm still on the fence though and wary that I may never see Android 2.0 on that thing. #nowshipping