There's been a lot of wild speculation about Star Wars this week - Rumours for Episode VII have been flying around like Mynocks in a Giant Space Worm and got everyone talking (or in our case, Photoshopping!). But the weirdest Star Wars tidbit floating around this week has nothing to do with Episode VII at all...

The fan theory comes from Moviepilot, and takes us back to Tatooine to ask about a supposed mystery: Who really killed Owen and Beru Lars?

Apparently the answer is Boba Fett.


The theory has it that Boba Fett, tasked by the Empire, hunted down Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru during A New Hope whilst on the trail of R2-D2 and C-3PO - and got a little trigger happy in the process, leaving behind the grisly scene Luke and the audience come upon at the smouldering Lars Homestead.

This isn't just some potshot fan nonsense either. Okay it kind of is, but there's actual evidence too! Boba Fett was in town during the murder, considering he shows up with Jabba's crew to accost Han outside of Docking Bay 94 (yes, before you get seething, this is a Special Edition thing rather than an Original cut thing). Obi-Wan points out at the Jawa slaughter just before, only Imperial Stormtroopers could be so precise - despite the fact all we'd seen of Stormtroopers before this was them not really being the most accurate shooters on the Tantive IV. But Boba, part of the Stormtroopers original genetic template thanks to the prequels, is a noted accurate marksman. So maybe he was the shooter, rather than his bumbling cloned brothers?


The rest of the theory relies on things we learned in The Empire Strikes Back. ESB sees Vader hiring Bounty Hunters to search for Luke and his Rebel friends, and his familiarity with the rogues gallery seems to imply that the Empire has no problems with hiring Bounty Hunters to search for targets for them - and considering the Imperials were pretty desperate to get their hands on R2-D2 and C-3PO in the previous film, what's to say Vader didn't just send down Troopers to Tatooine to look for the Droids, but a Hunter like Fett as well?

Finally, there's the actual way the Lars are killed - in ESB, Vader specifically stops by Boba and tells him 'No Disintegrations'. Why would he say that if he didn't know Boba from a previous offscreen encounter, or more specifically, if he hadn't disintegrated someone the Empire wanted alive before? The Empire's MO seems to be to capture and interrogate people first, instead of just killing them on the spot - hence why Vader didn't just snap Princess Leia's neck in ANH after accusing her of treason. Considering all that's left of Beru and Lars are smoking bones, that's something that seems like it could be described as pretty disintegrate-y. Maybe Vader's threatening Fett to not botch it up like he did last time.

It requires a lot of jumping to conclusions, but it's tough to deny that there's not at least a little thought behind this crazy theory. Considering Star Wars' penchant for tying so much of its galaxy of characters together through ridiculous means, the idea of Boba Fett being behind Luke's impetus to travel with Obi-Wan doesn't seem that outlandish (like Lucas' plan to have young Han Solo show up on Kashyyyk during Revenge of the Sith!). What do you think? Hogwash, or is your mind blown?


Hey, just be glad it isn't yet another wild rumour about Episode VII.

[Moviepilot, via TOR]

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