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DJI Releases Its Own Version of Apple Care Because Drones Constantly Crash

Illustration for article titled DJI Releases Its Own Version of Apple Care Because Drones Constantly Crash

Everyone’s buying drones nowadays. They’re also crashing all of them. So the world’s biggest drone company has revealed a (pricey) protection plan that covers the next time your (already pricey) drone takes a spill.


Chinese drone maker DJI revealed today that it’s launching “DJI Care,” which’ll give “peace of mind and an enhanced after-sales experience” for owners of its Phantom 3 line and the 2.0 version of the Inspire 1. Plans are available for six months or 12, ranging in price from $99 to $699. But if you’re willing to pay a grand for, say, the Phantom 3 Advanced, what’s another $200 to cover repairs for its camera or aircraft? Well, $200 every six months.

DJI Care will first be made available to customers in the US, mainland China, and parts of Europe. Inevitably, it’s a sign that companies like DJI is happy to make a buck off of lazy new drone pilots who don’t want to fix the traditionally DIY gadgets themselves.


[DJI via TechCrunch]

Image: Shutterstock

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Of the three people that I know who have them, all three have crashed at least once. It’s discouraged me from buying one. Seems as if the drone at this price should be sophisticated and “smart” enough to not crash. Having to pay for coverage to fix something that should just be designed better in the first place seems absurd to me.