Oh, God, Michael Bay Could Have Blown Up Stonehenge For Transformers: The Last Knight

Image: Coming Soon via YouTube
Image: Coming Soon via YouTube

Never let it be said that Michael Bay is not a man without a very well-defined directorial sensibility. Michael Bay is extremely good at being Michael Bay and the minute you start watching a Michael Bay movie, you know exactly what you’re in for. This is extremely true of Transformers: The Last Knight.


Only in a Michael Bay Transformers movie could you ever expect to see Mark Wahlberg and Sir Anthony Hopkins discussing the role the Autobots played in significant battles throughout history before heading to Stonehenge to drain the energy from the earth which is actually Unicron. That last bit about Stonehenge should alarm you because, as we see in this newly released behind the scenes footage from The Last Knight’s production, someone actually let Michael Bay shoot on location at the ancient monument.

Though one imagines that Bay’s the sort of professional who knows better than to mess around and accidentally blow up something like Stonehenge, you can’t help but be concerned seeing him walking around the place and gesticulating excitedly while talking about giant robot battles.

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Didn’t he do damage to something of historical significance in China when shooting Age of Extinction there? Or am I remembering a different story?