5 Crazy Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True

People are generally wrong. So don’t be afraid to stand out on your own with your own crazy theory on how this here world and the universe around us exists (let’s not get too conspiracy crazy though). Here are 5 ideas that were totally crazy at the time but actually turned out to be right. Like how the Earth is round and how gravitational waves exist and how the Big Bang Theory is the leading theory on how the universe exists and so on.

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Ok, I’ll bite. I am a dark matter denier. “Well shucks, either our math is wrong or the universe is 90% made up of unfindable immeasurable equationbalancer stuff.”

I have two counter theories. One is that weak nuclear force, gravitation, and perhaps all of the other carrier particle forces do NOT have a fixed value, they oscillate over time. You don’t need a big bang and a big crunch if gravity is cyclical: negative gravity and matter diffuses uniformally throughout space, positive and it attracts into little balls and big galaxies. We do not need dark matter to prevent the big crunch or heat death of the universe because gravity is not constant, the attractive force used to be weaker.

The other theory I have to account for dark matter is that the big bang did happen pretty much as commonly pictured, but. In this theory as the wavefront of infinity-in-a-nanosecond collapsed into non-extradimensional spacetime that we all know and love, for awhile there there was too much stuff happening to be expressed and what we think of as 4D spacetime was actually folded over ala brane theory, allowing for 1 “copy” of all the matter but more than one “copy” of space. Shortly thereafter all of our matter cascades down into regular 4D but part of it has been suspended in higher dimensional states until there’s “room at the bottom” for our 4D universe to have created enough space to hold all “our” matter. Then the “extra” branes as they empty out themselves are free to dissolve back into our main brane, creating what appears to us to be more space than we should have for the amount of crap we’ve got, at the current rates of expansion/attraction/whathaveyou. Think of it like a big glorpy ball of pancake batter spreading out on the griddle. The edges are growing out and the top is cascading downward.

I may be 100% wrong about my theories but come on guys, dark matter is just more phlogistin and your kids will tease you about it one day.