PornIQ, a new website billing itself as the Pandora of streaming smut, has done for self-love what a dozen other services have done for music. It was only a matter of time.

Created by our friends over at PornHub, PornIQ seeks to offer you the perfect porn experience to suit your mood. In this way, it really is just like Panodra—or Songza, or Spotify Radio, or iTunes Radio, or Rdio, or any other number of music services that attempts to anticipate your whims before they happen. The difference here, of course, being naked people doing things to each other for your enjoyment.

Particularly, though, if you've ever used Songza before, things are going to be looking awfully familiar to you. Like, really familiar.

Whether they've been sharing design teams or it's just the fact that porn lends itself to a more visual medium, PornIQ is definitely taking a page out of Songza's book. You're immediately greeted by a series of five categories of dirty deeds, but don't worry. There's plenty more than that if you hit refresh. I chose "college" because school is important and because most of the people in these videos probably did not go to one.

Next, you'll find yourself looking at a breakdown of your chosen category, again, just like Songza.

Once you pick your poison, you're then brought to a (highly crucial) screen that asks you how much time you have to spare on your bishop bashing session— 5 mins, 5-20 mins, or for the leisurely in life, 20 mins or more.


At this point, you're given a few options of even more specific sex carnage (with pics), and once you make your decision, you'll find yourself at the external host site of whatever sexytime movie PornIQ decided was the right sexytime movie for you.

Of all the recent advances in pornography, this honestly seems like the most logical, convenient move. While 4K is nice, no one is going to have the means of actually watching that for at least another year or two. Media selection sites like this, though, are already well engrained in everyone's repertoire, and tacking porn onto that list of things you consume according to recommendation really isn't much of a stretch at all. [PornIQ via Motherboard]