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Once Upon A Time in Wonderland just dropped a big old Star Wars bomb

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Once Upon A Time's Wonderland is really more like Candyland — if all the pieces were sleeping together and sometimes talked about Star Wars. So apparently Star Wars IS another realm these characters can hop into. Mother of God.

In the clip above, Jafar (dressed as David Chappelle dressed up as Prince) and a tiny baby chick in a red dress select what monster they will send to force the main character Alice to use her magical wishes. One of the ideas? The sarlacc. Womp womp.


So how long until we take a glance through the looking glass and see Tatooine? Eh they'll probably just keep hinting at it, like a kid whacking a pinata that is actually just a strung up old dead horse.

In other news, the Queen and the Knave used to be lovers! And she used to wear her hair down sometimes. Currently I'm far more invested in the Knave being all Knavish than in Alice and her Genie.


And that's OK, that's what he's here for. Anyway, Alice gets given an obstacle, and she passes it. Which will probably happen forever and ever and ever — but that too is ok. Because this show is basically a Candyland board game, where we sometimes get to see people have PG-rated fairy tale sex and kill people. Okay, then.