One Fifth of Americans STILL Don't Use The Internet

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According to a Pew study, 21% of Americans claim that they don't use the internet (and 5% still connect using dial-up). How is this possible? I think I've even seen homeless people peruse the internet on their iPhones.


Well, 34% of those non-users actually live in a house with internet access. Other than that, 48% think the web holds information irrelevant to their lives, 60% said they were uncomfortable with computers in general, and 90% just plain don't care to be online. And, not shockingly, over two thirds (69%) of those who don't use the internet are over the age of 65, while others may live in rural areas, have a low income, or lack a high school education.

66% of Americans currently access the internet through a broadband connection, though, and that number continues to climb. [Pew Internet via TechCrunch]



Remind me what's wrong with people not using the internet, again?