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One of Steven Universe: The Movie's Most Emotional Moments Was Fantastic from the Jump

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Garnet reforming.
Image: Cartoon Network

Steven Universe: The Movie is so packed full with moments of pure aesthetic and emotional gorgeousness that there are times when it’s easy to lose sight of just how impressive the story being told actually is. From the looks of this exclusive clip of the movie’s production, it seems as if that was always very much the case.

So much of Steven Universe: The Movie’s emotional resonance comes from the cast’s excellent performances, but it needs to be stated just how impactful the movie’s story was even in its earliest stages when it was still just a glimmer in Rebecca Sugar’s eye.


Many of the movie’s smaller emotional bits were easy to miss when it first aired earlier this year, but soon you’ll be able to rewatch at your leisure and pick up on Steven Universe: The Movie’s minute details that you might have missed on the first viewing. Of course, Steven Universe: The Movie’s home release will give you chance re-experience the text of the story, but it’s also set to have fascinating behind-the-scenes clips like this one debuting here exclusively on io9.  


Featuring Rebecca Sugar during a script read for the film, it’s a snippet that gives you a better sense of how much of the movie’s emotional gravitas was baked into the script itself. While the script was marginally different than the final product, you can still see and feel the weight of Garnet’s return in this read through where Sugar’s only working with a script, an animatic, and a general idea of what what The Movie Would end up becoming.

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Steven Universe: The Movie will be released on November 12.

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