This Website Can Guess the Movie You're Thinking of After 30 Questions

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Fun time waster alert: Filmillion. It's a movie guessing machine website that can figure out the movie you're thinking of by asking you 30 yes or no questions. You can be asked about the genre, the acting, if it's a blockbuster, how you feel when you watch it and so on. Some questions can get too revealing (what year the movie was released) but you have a range of answers that include probably yes, probably no and not sure, along with yes and no.


It had no problem guessing The Godfather (if it screwed up The Godfather, it'd be a failure of a movie guessing machine), had Wall-E in a list of suggestions but missed out on a few others. Maybe you can do better.

The website takes inspiration from Leonard D. Bullock and John V. Sparks invention, the FilmBSEM-I, which "contained 100 vacuum tubes, performed 1 search operation per second, weighed 1000 lb. and consumed 1kW of electricity." The purpose of that machine was to be put in theaters so movie watchers could entertain themselves by making a machine guess what movie people were thinking about. Now we have all that in one website here. [Filmillion via The Presurfer]

Update: Looks like we crashed the site. Our apologies!



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