One Tree Branch, Dozens of Jars, No Explanations

Illustration for article titled One Tree Branch, Dozens of Jars, No Explanations

Sometimes, instead of asking "why," it's better just to say "woah." This piece by New York artist Naoko Ito is one of those times.


The project, entitled Ubiquitous, dissects a single six-foot wide tree branch into about two dozen pieces, the meticulously places them in jars to create this optical illusion. A comment on the commoditization of nature, or preservation's collateral fragmentary and isolating effects? Nah. Just one wicked cool visual idea. Woah. [Neatorama via Make]

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I think my favorite thing about this is that it doesn't come prepackaged with a message. All there is is crazy attention to detail and visual appeal. Sometimes I think that art has lost its deeply shallow way, then I see this, and I'm inspired once again.