One year ago today, much of New York City and the surrounding region was without power, its basements and transit tunnels flooded with seawater from the tidal surge and relentless rainfall of Hurricane Sandy, its suburbs caged in by fallen trees. Gawker's own Lower Manhattan servers were inundated and we were working on a bare-bones Tumblr to keep delivering the news. Here are some links to help remember where the city was last year, and to see how far we've come, twelve months after Sandy.

  • How a post-Katrina reality helped the government respond to Sandy [Al Jazeera America]
  • 10 ideas for rebuilding stronger cities in Sandy's wake [Architizer]
  • A new project called "Resilient Cities" tracks solutions to urban disasters [Next City]
  • The City Resilient: What allows communities to bounce back? [PopTech]
  • Congress needs to tackle flood insurance reform [Next City]
  • One unexpected reality for Sandy-stricken areas: Higher home prices [WSJ]
  • How Brooklyn Bridge Park was spared through smart design [Co.Design]
  • Is the MTA prepared for when another superstorm strikes? [New York Times Magazine]
  • Seriously, how prepared is the MTA for another superstorm? [WNYC]
  • SAD NY: Our photo gallery of a flooded New York City, one year ago [Gizmodo Emergency]

Photo: An ambulance sits abandoned in the middle of a flooded street after Hurricane Sandy on October 30, 2012, in Hoboken, New Jersey. Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

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