What looks like a small apartment complex is actually the biggest vehicle man has ever dared to put on eight wheels. Designed and built by a Belarusian company called BelAZ, the 75710 (come on, you couldn't have thrown the word mega in there?) itself weighs almost 900 tons, and can haul close to 500 tons of mined rock.

Powered by not one, but two diesel engines, even the dump truck's ridiculously oversized tires tower over the driver. But surprisingly, the vehicle's not-so-spacious (but air-filtered) cab can only seat two people, so you can forget about it as an option for Sunday drives with the family.


No, this monstrosity is all about work, hauling more rock than any other wheeled-vehicle before it at a surprisingly brisk pace of almost 40 mph. So it's too bad it was only revealed last week, because the 75710 would have made for an incredibly fun addition to GTA V's vehicle lineup. [Belarusian Telegraph Agency via Autoblog]