Ostendo's Crazy Curved Monitor Can Finally Be Yours For $6,500

Illustration for article titled Ostendos Crazy Curved Monitor Can Finally Be Yours For $6,500

Ostendo's super curvy CRVD monitor wasn't actually for sale when we first saw it, but it looked damn good. Judging by this video which uses three of the monitors, it still looks incredible. And now you can actually buy it.


Yes, this video uses three of Ostendo's 2880 x 900 quad-DLP CRVD monitors and the set up looks like it could satisfy even the craziest gamer or multitasker:

Each of those three monitors is $6,500, but Christmas is right around the corner and we've all been good boys and gals, right? [Ostendo via Engadget]

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Um... Thats just stupid. What a waste of money.