Remember as a kid, when you'd go to weddings or plays or concerts or whatever, the adult sitting next to you would give you a piece of candy to keep you quiet? Apps are smartphone candy. Pass a few to your phone so it doesn't start blabbing in the middle of the vows.




Newly updated today, Vizilife is a planning app that organizes and collates all the different types of data on your phone. Say you've got a calendar event, an audio file, a picture and contact info that you want linked together: Vizilife will do it, with a fresh, colorful user interface that's as pleasant as it is practical. [Free]

Level Money

Like a fuel gauge for your funds, Level Money is a self-updating budget app that links to your bank account. It shows how much money you can spend in daily, weekly, and monthly increments, and accounts for income and recurring bills. And since it updates in real time, you'll never get thrown off because you forgot to tally a receipt. [Free]

Magus 3D Gesture Launcher


Magus lets you control your Android with physical gestures, like flipping your phone, laying it on its side, or a combination of up to four moves. This week's update adds control of email and texting features and Tasker compatibility for even more customization. [Free]


Google Play Movies & TV


Google's formidable library of movies and TV shows is now available on iOS, but perhaps more importantly, now Chromecast users can cast content from an iPhone or iPad to the Google wonder-dongle. There are some limitations right now (streaming is Wi-Fi only, and there's no in-app purchasing), but usually Google irons these things out after the release, so we're hoping this will be the same. [Free]



It's a wonder someone didn't think of this before: Scribe uses low-energy Bluetooth capability to let you copy-paste directly from your computer to your phone by hitting COMMAND + SHIFT + X. No Wi-Fi connection, no wires, no nothing — as long as your devices are both Bluetooth LE compatible, you're good to go. [Free]



Version 3.0 of Box's wherever, whenever document management app gets a complete revamp, with a clean new UI, simpler navigation, and 50GB of free storage when you sign up. With support for over 100 file types, offline access, and strong encryption, it's a great way to keep your files up to date when you're on the go. [Free]

Windows Phone



This unofficial Tinder app has all the features users of the online dating site are used to, plus some new ones: you can review the last person you passed—in case you mistakenly gave them the thumbs down, or maybe changed your mind. [Free]



If you love finding new songs on Youtube, or just re-listening to songs you already know, MusicTube will let you add them to your library. Just tap and hold on a YouTube video, and the app will strip out the audio and download it to your device. Once done, you can even add the album art and info to your music folder. [Free]

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