It's Friday night. Time to cut loose, get fancied up, and go hit the town. Here's some brand new apps to dress up your phone for the weekend.

Multi-Platform Apps

GE Brillion


Smart home appliances seem like a wanton luxury—until you start using them. If you've got a GE Brillion oven, this app will let you preheat your oven, control a timer, and monitor the internal temp of whatever you're cooking. Like a crock pot, only smarter. [Android] [iOS]




Android is great for letting you customize your homescreen however you want, but sometimes you don't want to spend all day fiddling around. Themer has a huge library of turn-key homescreens, including icons and widgets, allowing you to revamp your phone's whole look in a few simple steps. And of course, once you've settled on a theme, you can still tinker to your heart's content. [Free]



This is a simple little app—a cleanly designed, easy-to-use "to-do list" type of thing. But unlike seemingly every other app out there, this one uses zero permissions. None. Considering how even a stupid flashlight app can be used to harvest data, that's an important point for your privacy. [Free]

Stack Exchange


The helpful, fascinating question-and-answer community gets its first official app. Ask, answer, vote and comment all from your phone, with push notifications when your question has been answered or commented on. Never walk around perplexed again! [Free]




Most calendar apps are capability-heavy, but lacking in the design department. Peek flips that stereotype, giving you a fun, simple calendar that's easy on the eyes and intuitive to use. Tap, swipe and drag to add and modify events, and shake for a random suggestion of something to do that's not in your calendar—a fun little add-on. [$2]

7 Minute Workout


The quick, high-intensity workout you've probably read about now has an app, with video tutorials, unlockable goals, and tracking features to keep you in the pinnacle of fitness. If you can't find seven minutes in your day to work out, you're probably spending too much time on social media. Or Gizmodo. [$1]



Milestone helps you keep track of important dates, anniversaries, and yes, milestones, with fun, fresh looking reminders that you can share via social media or just smile at when they pop up. [Free]

Windows Phone

Beats Music


The intriguing, promising new streaming music service from the headphone company everyone knows just quietly added an app for Windows Phone users. The app's free, but the service is $10 a month—though with a human-curated music stream and some cool options for adding variety, it might be worth it to you. [Free]