Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Great news friends! Not only is it Friday, but for the first time in what seems like ages, it's probably still light out wherever you are. Take a moment, look up, and enjoy a feeble but meaningful blast of Vitamin D before you hunker down to download these sweet new apps. The glow of your touchscreen never dulls in winter.




This week's update to the ubiquitous social media's Android app brings a host of new photo capabilities. Now you can add photos to comments, edit photo albums, upload groups of photos, and tag and untag yourself in other people's pictures, all from your phone. [Free]


The self-proclaimed "world's largest marketplace for services" finally comes to Android, letting you hire or respond to Gigs and direct-message other Fiverr users instantly, right from your pocket. Never miss a freelance chance again. [Free]



Another iOS favorite that's a newcomer to the Android ecosystem, Threes! is a brilliantly simple, maddeningly addictive number game. Slide and stack number cards to add up to multiples of 3, and just try to put it down once you get the hang of it. [$2]


NFB StopMo Studio


It's not every day that an entire country's film organization comes out with an app, but that's just what Canada's National Film Board did here. This handy stop-motion animation iPad app gives you all the pro-grade tools you'll want to make your claymation masterpiece, including the ability to add sound effects, visual effects, and soundtracks from your iTunes library. Make a gorgeous stop-mo film, then share it directly or via Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo. Thanks, Canada! [$1]



Feel like you should be doing something more enlightening than playing Candy Crush when you're on the bus or in line at the DMV? Rooster's here to change that, delivering twice-monthly collections of great fiction pieces, all of which should only take you 10-20 minutes to read. The app is free, but a subscription to Rooster will cost you $5 a month, and right now the service is invite-only. How exclusive. [iTunes]

NASA Visualization Explorer


NASA calls this app "a direct connection to NASA's extraordinary fleet of research spacecraft." How cool is that? New stories and infographics will come up every week, and this week's update makes the app equally gorgeous across all your iDevices. Get caught up in the wonders of space without ever leaving your couch. [Free]

Orient, the Self-Aligning Camera


If you've spent more than 20 seconds on the internet, you've realized too many folks hold their phones in portrait mode when snapping pictures. Orient uses your iPhone's built-in gyroscope to make sure your picture is always straight, no matter how cockeyed you're holding your phone. With front- and back-facing ability and a clutch of filters, this app makes sure your pictures always look like you knew what you were doing. [$1]

Windows Phone

Latte Locator


Okay, this borders on goofy, but for Starbucks lovers it's probably very useful: an app that steers you toward the nearest Starbucks no matter where you are, allegedly more accurately than Google or Bing. If you're the type of person who needs a livetile to make sure you never hit caffeine withdrawal, try this baby out. [Free]

Location Finder


Another simple-but-effective app, Location Finder lets you share your location with others or pin a spot on the map for your own reference. Save your favorite locations under your Navigation or Location tiles, search the places you've saved, and share your location with anybody thanks to a custom, shortened URL. Nerd out on some maps! [$1]

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