Rejoice, the weekend's here. Whether you sprinted or hobbled across the finish line, we made it. Now let's download some apps!



We loved Distiller for iOS, and praise the heavens, now it's here for Android. This handy app suggests a whiskey based on where or how you'll be enjoying it, and helps you explore new brands with user-generated ratings and a journal for your own whiskey-fueled thoughts. [Free]


Another lovely transplant from iOS-land, Dropbox's fast, smooth, easy-to-organize email app brings its light, easy-to-digest design to Android this week. Currently it only supports Gmail and iCloud email accounts (the latter of which I would be sincerely surprised if any Android user was using), but Dropbox promises expanding support soon. With swipe navigation, a snooze option to resurface emails at a more convenient moment, and a learning feature that figures out which emails you read and which you delete, Mailbox makes checking your email, dare I say it, kinda fun? [Free]

CO Everywhere

What is there to do around here? It's the question that cripples entire evenings, but thanks to CO Everywhere, you'll never have to ask it again. Just draw a circle (or whatever shape, I'm not your dad, you can do what you want) around your spot on the map, and CO Everywhere will give you the real-time scoop on the social things going on in your radius. Click any post for the details, and share your own tips when you come across a cool event. [Free]


Chemist - Virtual Chem Lab (iPad)

This is a nerdy pick, but it's a ton of fun. Mix, match, heat, and splash around with over 200 chemicals, and try not to blow anything up. Or, go ahead, blow everything up—it's all virtual, and while the reactions act just like the real thing, you're not gonna burn the house down. This is an older app, but it's free right now, and it's really a great way to learn chemistry. Or blow things up. [Free]

Vidibox (iPad)

This video-remixer gives you an easy, drum pad-style interface to make video remixes and mashups quick and easy. It packs all the remixing features you could want, including 16 tracks, looping, real-time recording, and MIDI in and out, turning your iPad into a video mashup studio. [$10]

Tech Block

Yes, yes, this app just came out mere days ago. But! Now it's got Pocket support. Think about it—Tech Block's lightning-fast tech news coverage, plus Pocket's robust organization setup, means you'll never lose or forget about the tech news stories that catch your eye. Neat! [Free]

Windows Phone

Week View 8

If you're looking for an alternate calendar app, and you like to consider your week as a unit, Week View 8 has your number. It can display month and year calendars, sure, but it's built around the view that makes each week its own block. It's got tons of tweakability, and great Live Tile integration that shows your next four upcoming calendar events, so you'll never have an excuse for flaking out. [$2]