Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

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Spring is in the air, it's getting just a bit warmer out, and miracle of miracles, the sun is still shining when you get out of work! We're celebrating the only way we know how: by downloading some sweet new Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps.

Multi-Platform Updates



The original name in online photo sharing brought a big-time update to its Android and iOS apps this week. With editing tools that enable deep photo tweaking, HD video, and Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr integration, this is probably the only photo app you'll need. And with 1,000 GB of free Flickr storage for everyone who downloads the app, you'll have plenty of room to grow your collection. [Android] [iOS]

Plowz and Mowz


Snow is (hopefully, please oh please oh please) behind us, and the grass will (hopefully, please oh please oh please) start growing again soon. Perfect time for an update to Plowz, the formerly winter-centric app for summoning a snow plow to your driveway. This week's spring update adds lawn-mowing services, allowing you to hire a mower from your phone. Just punch in where you live and when you want your lawn trimmed, and the app will find the nearest contractor to come do your bidding. They'll even send you a photo when the mowing's done. Now you can keep your home tidy year-round without ever leaving the basement! [Android] [iOS]




Popular on iOS for a while now, Frontback just joined the world of Android. Firing your front and back cameras simultaneously (hence the name, get it?), the app lends context to your selfies by showing more of your environment than just the part behind your outstretched arm. Geared toward social media, it's naturally got all the FaceTwitTumblr integration you want, and a handy flip function makes sure there's no backwards text in your selfies. This is a 1.0 version, so you might come across an errant bug or two, but overall it's a fun way to distinguish your selfies from the rest of the flood. [Free]



Give your Android a little class and culture with Muzei, a delightful app that gives you a different famous fine-art painting for your wallpaper every day. Drawing from WikiPaintings.org, it's got a whole plethora of art to hang on your Android's wall, and if that doesn't suit you, it will also pull from your photo album. [Free]



Just a small update this week, but Fleksy's gesture-based, alternative keyboard now sports a handful of new languages and now offers QWERTZ, Dvorak and Colemak key layouts. Y'know, if you wanna get real alternative with your alternative keyboard apps. [Free]




From the fine photo folks at Pixite, Union is a quick and easy way to turn your iPhone or iPad into a photo manipulation tool. Superimpose foregrounds and backgrounds to create fun, whimsical, or just plain weird images. And of course, share them with all your social media friends. That tricycle kid's totally gonna get pulled over! [$2]

Google Helpouts


Google's ask-an-expert service hits iOSland with a slim, handy app. Just like Helpouts on other platforms, the app lets you search out an expert in whatever you need help with, and connects you directly for a one-on-one video chat. You will, however, need a Google+ account to sign in—but if you're stumped on how to fix your toilet or set up your flatscreen, making a G+ account is probably not a dealbreaker for you. [Free]



Well this is nice and straightforward. Download CUPS, and you can purchase a subscription plan that gets you prepaid, discounted coffee at any of the app's partners. The app shows a map of partner shops (all independent coffee houses, we're told), a full menu, and info and ratings. Plus, with this new update, you'll get a free beverage from the place of your choice with your download. [Free]

Windows Phone

Color Weather


Sleek, minimalist, and decipherable at a glance, Color Weather changes color as the temperatures rise and fall. Just glance at your Livetile to get a feel for what the weather's doing out there, or customize it to always be your favorite hue. [$1]