Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

It's starting to feel like summer out there! Go on and get outside. Give your smartphone some fresh air—and some fresh apps.

Multi-Platform Updates



This week saw the addition of Moments, a new feature that lets you share photos with all of your matches at once. Add filters or text, see who "likes" your pics, and hurry up with the flirting, because the pictures disappear after 24 hours. Nope, this won't be used for sexting. [Android] [iOS]

Hitch Radio

Probably the most fun part of any road trip with friends is jamming out to the same tunes. Get that same feel from your phone with Hitch, which lets you search from 20,000 real, live radio stations. Pick a station, invite your friends to listen in, and when they hitch up, you're the driver, controlling the tunes. Go ahead, hit 'em with some rad jams. [Android] [iOS]




Aereo's ingenious setup, the one that lets you watch and record live broadcast TV from your mobile device, finally got an Android app this week. Even better, if you're a Chromecast owner, the app lets you cast to your TV wonder-dongle! The app is free, but the service costs $8 a month—which isn't bad, when you consider it turns just about anything with a touchscreen into a TV. [Free]



Athletic endeavors are more fun in a group, but finding the activity you're all revved up for can be tough. Gritness lets you search by activity and location to find what you're looking for, or start your own and invite other runners, cyclists, climbers, or fellow athletes, no matter where you are. [Free]

FishBrain Angling Map


Summertime is fishin' time. If you're looking for a new fishin' hole, check out FishBrain: you can log your favorite spots and check out reviews from other anglers. Or, keep your map private, so that great fishing spot you found last weekend doesn't get swamped by wannabes. And of course, you can share pictures of The Big Catch, so your friends will know it's not just another fishing story. [Free]


Morpholio Frame


Imagine your favorite photo app. Y'know, the one with the fun filters and borders. Now imagine it turned into a serious photo editing app, with great tweakability, collaging, and the ability to stack layers or spin the roulette wheel for a random mix. That's Frame, a gorgeous free photo app from the mad digital scientists at Morpholio. [Free]



We've all been there: wasting time playing around on your phone, when you find a great link that you want to read later. With Stache, you can stash (get it?) that link to iCloud, with a visual bookmark for easy reference no matter if you're on your phone or your computer. [$2]



Make cool, pro-looking 30 second videos from your phone with MatchCut. Splice together video clips, overlay music (either freebie "Hollywood-style" music or indie tunes from the app's playlist), and share your masterpieces with other MatchCut users. [Free]

Windows Phone



Forget about those stupid flapping and/or angry bird-style games: the official TED app gives you access to nearly 2,000 official TED talk video and audio files. Go ahead, learn something from your smartphone. [Free]

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